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Bukowina Tatrzańska Noclegi

Bukowina Tatrzańska Noclegi

Noclegi Bukowina Tatrzańska

Noclegi Bukowina Tatrzańska

Noclegi w Bukowinie Tatrzańskiej

Noclegi w Bukowinie Tatrzańskiej


Fundacja Rodzina Zastępcza w Bukowinie Tatrzańskiej
Ul.Wierch Buńdowy 37
34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska
NIP 736164 96 65 REGON 120442529
KRS 0000275411/2007
Account: Tatrzański Bank Spółdzielczy
89 8791 0009 0000 0008 0031 0001
Kom.512 754386 tel. 18 20775 44

The replacement Family Foundation in Bukovina Tatra was founded in 2007 to help finance children with a particular foster family living in Bukovina. This family operated for 10 years, helped at that time 14 children of which 4-ro returned to their biological families, a 5-Ro has been adopted and also a 5-ro usamodzielniło a starting adult life.

Opp status with the possibility of a tax write-off 1% achieved 5 March 2008. The Foundation also receives donations (to deduct them from their taxable income on the settlement of rocznym- must be a bank transfer).

In 2011, the foundation changed its statute and has expanded its charity to other foster families (under this name hides foster families, family orphanages, emergency care, specialist family -with the whole of Polish), involving the partial or total covering the costs of organizing short visits to families in Bukovina at the headquarters of the organization or in other places about the qualities of climate, cognitive, educational or recreational activities.

Once again, the changes in the statute took place in 2012, there was a provision on financial assistance for people with disabilities or chronic incurable illnesses, with a certificate of disability or other medical records. This goal is achieved by seeking, collecting funds and transferring them then / the people in need.

Foundation headquarters located in the house “JOLKA”.

The organization worked with PCPR in Olkusz and Wieliczka. For leisure stays were arriving families selected by these offices.
Currently, the foundation has also proposed cooperation Starostwu the County and PCPR in Mielec. Some wards of these institutions have already had the opportunity to free Holiday in Bukovina, and then they were in July and September 2015.